Rymax Gevitro R SAE 75W/140 LS Differential Oil

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Gevitro R LS is a full synthetic racing gear oil (Limited Slip) recommended for race cars with “limited slip” differentials. Gevitro R LS is a high-quality, hypoid type gear oil, spe- cifically developed for limited slip differential units fitted to modern, high performance race and off-road cars. Gevitro R LS may be used in limited slip differentials of Europe- an, Japanese and American built vehicles. This product is recommended for high performance race cars frequently running at high speed and is equally suited in a wide range of applications where an EP-type gear oil is specified.

• API GL-4/GL-5 LS
• SAE J2360
• MB 235.8
• ZF TE-ML 02B/05C/07A/08/ 12C/12L/12N/16F/17B/19C/21C