Rymax Gevitro GL-4 FS SAE 75W/80 MT Full Synthetic Gear Oil

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Gevitro GL-4 FS SAE 75W/80 is a top quality manual transmission fluid designed for the use in passenger car and light commercial vehicles. It is formulated with high quality synthetic base oils, allied to a high performance additive package. This product is designed to cover the needs of many vehicles, outside the warranty period. Gevitro GL-4 FS has excellent low temperature properties to ensure smooth shifting even in cold winter.

• API GL-4
• BMW MTF LT-2 / LT-3 / LT-4
• Ford WSD-M2C200-C, Ford WSS-M2C200-D2
• GM 1940182, GM 1940764, GM 1940768, GM 1940004, GM 19259104
• Nissan MT-XZ, Nissan MT-XZ TL
• MB 235.10
• PSA B71 2230
• MTF94 Honda MTF
• Honda MTF II / III
• Volvo 97308, Volvo 97309
• For more specs,see the technical data sheet