Rymax Atexio II Automatic Transmission Fluid

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ATF are among the most complex lubricants on the market today. Containing as many as 15 components, ATFs represent a careful balance of properties needed to meet the unique requirements of automatic transmissions. ATF specifications are in a state of flux and now there are several types of fluid specified for North American transmissions. The ATF used for older vehicles mostly is our DEX- RON® II, recommended for transmission top-up or refill, by most automobile manufacturers.

• Dexron II D
• Mercon
• Ford M2C 138-CJ, M2C 166-H
• MB 236.5
• Voith H55.6335.xx (G 607), H55.6336.xx (G 1363)
• ZF-TE-ML 09A/B