Rymax Motrax 4T FS SAE 5W/40 Engine Oil

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Motrax 4T FS is a full synthetic engine oil without friction modifiers, especially developed for 4-stroke motorcycles. This oil can also be applied in motorcycle transmissions where a SF, SG, SH or SL oil is prescribed/ advised. Motrax 4T FS is suitable for touring, racing and cross applications and contains additives that ensure excellent anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion properties as well as a high viscosity index. Effective detergent and dispersant additives enable the oil to minimize deposits and contaminants. Motrax 4T FS provides perfect protection to the gears and wet clutches.

• API SL (SAE 5W/40, 5W/50, 10W/60)
• API SM (SAE 10W/40)