Rymax Gevitro GL-5 FS LS SAE 75W/140 Full Synthetic Differential Oil

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Gevitro GL-5 FS LS is a full synthetic gear oil (Limited Slip) recommended for passenger cars with “limited slip” differentials. Gevitro GL-5 FS LS is a high quality, hypoid type gear oil, specifically developed for limited slip differential units fitted to modern, high performance passenger cars and off-road leisure vehicles. Gevitro GL-5 FS LS may be used in limited slip differentials of European, Japanese and American built vehicles. This product is recommended for high performance passenger cars and sports cars frequently running at high speed and is equally suited in a wide range of applications where an EP-type gear oil is specified.

• API GL-5/GL-5 LS
• MIL-L 2105D
• Scania STO 1:0
• GM 12346140
• Ford M2C192-A
• BMW 83 23 9 407 870/80 23 2282 583