Rymax Engine Performance Booster

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Rymax Engine Performance Booster is a new generation, ashless, boron ester based friction reducer and anti-oxidant, which adds unique features to any standard motor oil. Works extremely well in synergy with traditional friction modifiers in common engine oils. The highly polar ester borate forms a protective friction reducing layer of boron nitride under pressure and heat protecting all engine parts most susceptible to wear. The ceramic coating will stick to the surface of internal engine parts, even when the engine is off, providing immediate anti-wear protection at start-up. Rymax Engine Performance Booster is based on state-of-the-art technology combining the well proven ceramic boron anti-friction performance without adding any solid particles. In addition Rymax Engine Performance Booster functions as an anti-oxidant and as such delays oil ageing and thickening over time. The Engine Performance Booster not only boosts the anti-friction properties of an oil but also keeps your oil performing optimally for an extended period of time protecting your engine as it was designed to do.