Rymax Atexio III Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Atexio III contains as many as 15 components and represent a carefully selected balance of properties needed to meet the unique requirements of automatic transmissions. Our Atexio III is recommended for transmission top-up or refill, by most automobile manufacturers. Our Atexio III demonstrates outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, giving extremely long service life over the most severe operating conditions. The fluids operating range is between –42 °C and +160 °C. It has been tested extensively and meets General Motors specification 6297M. Our Atexio III has excellent cold starting performance, superior materials compatibility and a great resistance to oxidation.

• Dexron III F
• Dexron II E, II D
• Mercon
• Ford M2C 138-CJ, M2C 166-H
• Allison C-4
• MB 236.1/5/9
• Voith H55.6335.34 (G 607)
• ZF-TE-ML 04D/11/14A/17C
• MAN 339 type F / MAN 339 type V1 & Z1
• Caterpillar TO-2